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Participating in a PVJOBS program is the gateway to getting a solid start with a construction career. To enroll in a PVJOBS program, job candidates must have at least one of the following employment barriers during the time of enrollment:

  • Did not complete high school

  • History of substance abuse

  • Household income below 50% of the median

  • Homelessness

  • Welfare recipient

  • History of involvement in the justice system

  • Chronic unemployment

  • Unemployed single parent

Once enrolled, job applicants are added to a database so they can be notified about upcoming job training and employment opportunities. Job applicants also can be referred to unions for jobs requiring union membership. When necessary, PVJOBS provides assistance for tools, union initiation fees and construction clothing.

To learn more about our programs and becoming a participant, please read about our programs here or call us at (323) 432-3955.

ReVive Program

Through the ReVIVE Program, individuals can receive case management and job placement services as well as legal access assistance and trauma informed counseling services. Participants must be between the ages of 21-51, have experienced some form of involvement in the justice system, and currently reside in Los Angeles County. The ReVIVE Program is funded by the Bureau of State and Community Corrections.

Right Turn Program

The Right Turn Program provides individuals with access to job training, career development and case management services. Participants must be between the ages of 18-24 and have a history of involvement in the juvenile or criminal justice system. The Right Turn Program is funded by the Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration.

Hatch Program

The Hatch Program serves individuals who are age 25 and older and have had a recent involvement in the justice system. Individuals participate in a three-phase program model, inclusive of pre-apprenticeship training and subsidized employment as well as employment in registered apprenticeships.

Hatch 2.0 Program

Hatch 2.0, also known as H2.0, is designed to eliminate the gap between those released from prison and those enrolled in a job training program. H2.0 builds on a mix of evidence-based and promising practices that enable participants to receive technical skills training and employment opportunities in the construction and hospitality industries.

Hatch Young Adults Program

Following the same program design as Hatch and Hatch 2.0, Hatch Young Adults serves individuals between the ages of 18-24 who live in our pre-determined service areas and have had a recent involvement with the criminal justice system.

Camp Program

Program services include life skills and construction craft training to assist pre-apprentices and apprentices with developing the soft and technical skills needed to succeed in the construction industry. Mentors are recruited based on the trades and needs of CAMP participants. Journeymen and above level mentors will be recruited by the union liaison for carpenters, laborers and electricians.


Riverside Youth Program

The Riverside Youth Program is made possible from a partnership between PVJOBS and the County of Riverside to engage at-risk youth in pre-apprenticeship training services. Participants must be between the ages of 14-18, reside in Riverside County and have existing at-risk factors. Services include local support in Riverside County as well as support from Patriots Inc., a PVJOBS subcontractor.

LIGHT Program

The LIGHT Program provides job training, employment placement and legal services to participants from underserved communities.LIGHT is funded through GO-Biz, a department established from the California State Cannabis tax to provide grants that support job placement, mental health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, system navigation services, and legal services. These grants aim to address barriers to re-entry and linkages to medical care for communities disproportionately impacted by past federal and state drug policies.

Unidos Program

Unidos US has partnered with PVJOBS to provide supportive services to youth previously enrolled in the former Youth Policy Institute, which å to reduce poverty by ensuring that youth have access to a high-quality education and wraparound services, enabling their successful transition from cradle to college to career.Through Hatch Unidos, PVJOBS provides services to youth referred by the Los Angeles County Probation Department, Los Angeles County Office of Education, re-entry centers and public service providers.