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500-Hour Course .

Facilitated by a certified journeyman from Carpenters Union Local 213, PVJOBS is excited to offer our first 500-Hour Hands-On Training Course. Utilizing the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund’s and Career Connections Project Books 1, 2 and 3, graduates will be prepared for direct referral into the Carpenters Union. The 500-Hour Course is structured to teach hands-on pre-apprenticeship skills, including:

  • Using a measuring tape

  • On-site safety procedures

  • Cutting wood

  • Using power tools, including power drills

  • Using a hammer

  • Education of proper fasteners usage

  • Using a chalk line

  • Framing

  • House foundation

  • Flooring

  • Reading blueprint layout

  • Materials names and functions

  • Proper tool usage

  • Stripping and stocking materials

  • Familiarization with construction terminology

  • Building construction teamwork

  • Learning the union membership entry process


Our 500-Hour Course has an open enrollment. Classes are held weekly. Please contact PVJOBS at (323) 432-3955 for eligibility and details.

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