3 Ways to Give!


Invest in the future of PVJOBS participants who are working to turn their lives

around through our job training and placement programs. There are three ways

you can give to make a difference:


Sponsor a Participant
Sponsor PVJOBS participants dedicated to pursuing their newfound careers in construction and hospitality. Your sponsorship dollars will provide participants with supplies, equipment, materials, tools, union fees and workwear needed to successfully work in the construction or hospitality industry.



Purchase Handmade Furniture
Purchase a beautiful furniture piece built by our very own PVJOBS participants! All proceeds from furniture sales will go toward funding our PVJOBS job training and placement programs.

Select from an array of handmade items:

Blue Wooden Picnic Table Large.jpg
Sunburst Wooden Picnic Table Small2.jpg

Large Adirondack Chair

36 1/2 H - 38 L - 31 W

Small Adirondack Chair

29 H - 31 L - 27 W

Large Picnic Table

30 H - 71 L - 57 W

Small Picnic Table

24 H - 47 1/2 L - 48 W


Make a Donation
Simply make a monetary contribution to PVJOBS to assist in continuing to make a difference in the lives of our participants. Your generous contribution will go directly toward supporting our participants as well as funding our job training and placement programs.