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Participating in a PVJOBS program is the gateway to getting a solid start with a construction career. To enroll in a PVJOBS program, job candidates must have at least one of the following employment barriers during the time of enrollment:

  • Did not complete high school

  • History of substance abuse

  • Household income below 50% of the median

  • Homelessness

  • Welfare recipient

  • History of involvement in the justice system

  • Chronic unemployment

  • Unemployed single parent

Once enrolled, job applicants are added to a database so they can be notified about upcoming job training and employment opportunities. Job applicants also can be referred to unions for jobs requiring union membership. When necessary, PVJOBS provides assistance for tools, union initiation fees and construction clothing.

To learn more about our programs and becoming a participant, please read about our programs here or call us at (323) 432-3955.

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