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LIGHT 2.0 .

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LIGHT 2.0 (Letting Individuals Get Hope Today) is a three-phase program that offers industry-specific training to create a pathway into the workforce and connect participants with employers and

educational institutions. Through LIGHT 2.0, participants help eliminate their employment barriers by receiving supportive services in professional and educational development. Participants also gain life and leadership development skills and obtain a stipend for training completion.

In Phase One of the program, participants are assessed to identify needs to help them achieve program success. In Phase Two, participants receive job training for their desired career pathway while gaining additional skills through continual hands-on training, on-the-job training or internships. Participants transition into the job opportunity process in Phase Three or obtain assistance with post-secondary educational services.




  • All Ages

Applicants Must Meet One of the Following:

  • Currently or previously incarcerated or have a close family member that has been incarcerated.

  • Been affected by substance abuse or have had a close family member affected by substance abuse.

  • Currently or previously in foster care

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