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PVJOBS’ experience as a Jobs Coordinator dates back to 1998 with the unique design of the Playa Vista at-risk hire construction workforce development system. This strategic workforce development plan brought together employers, training providers, community-based organizations and labor unions to provide on-the-job training opportunities for at-risk residents in Los Angeles.

Through our Jobs Coordinator Program, PVJOBS works directly with contractors and their subcontractors to assist them with their hiring needs. We provide employers with candidates who are ready to work in an effort to satisfy a contractor’s targeted worker hire requirements.

With a resume of more than 200 projects and a database of 20,000+ clients, PVJOBS is one of the nation’s leaders in construction job training and placement programs. Our Jobs Coordinator services include:

  • Local Hire Strategic Planning and Coordination

  • Community Outreach and Public Participation

  • Job Placement Supportive Services

PVJOBS provides expert consulting services to contractors that are required to meet or exceed the goals of a project’s local and disadvantaged hiring program. The PVJOBS model for developing and coordinating employment opportunities has led to more than 8,000 placements on major infrastructure projects in Los Angeles.

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