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New Initiative Seeks To Empower Disadvantaged Youths And Drive Innovation In The Cannabis Industry


By Javier Hasse, Benzinga Editor

June 14, 2023

As two titans join forces, the horizon of opportunity widens for the disadvantaged youth of America. In an unprecedented initiative, PVJOBS, renowned for its workforce development for at-risk and disadvantaged individuals, has teamed up with superbad inc., a cannabis technology company, with the goal of stimulating social change while propelling the cannabis industry into its next era of evolution.

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Playa Vista Nonprofit Receives $6M Grant


By Grace Harmon

April 3, 2023

Nonprofit organization Playa Vista Job Opportunities and Business Services has received a $6 million grant to create more jobs in the cannabis industry for at-risk youth and young adults. The grant will fund an initiative being led by PVJobs in partnership with cannabis brand Superbad Inc. and the National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance Funding was awarded by the Bureau of State Community Corrections under the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program.

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Hosted by Meredith Yinger, SheTV Media
Joel Vendette, Realtor®, Bennion Deville Homes


The Future Entrepreneurs Conference: Empowering Inner-City Youth to Pursue Their Dreams


Published by StupidDope Magazine

February 13, 2023


The future can be an uncertain place, especially for those living in poverty. With limited access to quality education and basic needs like food and shelter, it can be challenging for inner-city children and teens to see a way out.


Building Business Skills for Inner-City Youth — The Future Entrepreneurs Conference


Published by Black Cannabis Magazine

February 6, 2023


On December 15th, 2022, over 400 LAUSD inner-city students attended the Future Entrepreneurs Conference at West Los Angeles College hosted by PVJOBS.


The Grand Partners with PVJOBS to

Provide New Career Opportunities for Local and At-Risk Communities


Published by The Related Companies

February 9, 2021

Mixed-use center The Grand nears its next construction milestone of

topping off in early March, and some of the workers responsible for this

progress have joined the team after receiving the unique opportunity

to explore a new career. The Grand has partnered with Los Angeles

non-profit organization PVJOBS, which has a mission to

provide​ at-risk individuals—including those who are

formerly incarcerated, ​single parents, welfare recipients

and homeless—with job opportunities that can lead to lasting

positive impacts on their lives and careers. A number of its

construction team members have become part of the project as a

result of this collaboration. Today, The Grand has exceeded its hiring commitment by employing

a team that consists of 40% local residents and 10% who are classified as at-risk. We are proud to support those in the LA community who experience some of the highest barriers to employment, and to help fulfill PVJOBS' goals of increasing employment rates among those who are most at-risk.

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I feel like I am helping to build up my city.

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