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PVJOBS strives to serve as a national model for other organizations that seek to unite the forces of government, private enterprise and organized labor to heal the wounds of at-risk community members through education and sustained, meaningful employment. These same principles are the basis of our Community Benefits Programs.

We at PVJOBS believe that the path to recovery and self-sufficiency requires a personal commitment, a supportive network and the opportunity to earn a living wage. To help accomplish this, PVJOBS provides a referral program that offers job training and placement opportunities to at-risk individuals receiving supportive services from our neighboring community-based organizations.

The success of PVJOBS and our job candidates rely on the genuine effort of our community partners that refer at-risk individuals and supportive industry contractors. Our unique network of community partners that offer these invaluable resources is unprecedented.

By adding PVJOBS to your team, your organization will have a dedicated partner to help your clients gain the necessary job training and placement opportunities they need to ultimately lead a life of self-sufficiency.

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