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Women’s History Month Profile: Meet Aniya

March 2023

Women’s History Month Profile: Meet Aniya

PVJOBS is offering exciting new opportunities to the next generation of women in the South Los Angeles community. One of those young women is 20-year-old Aniya, who recently completed PVJOBS’ Hatch Young Adults 2.0 program, which provides young adults with skills training and mental health counseling to help them successfully launch careers.

After graduating from high school nearly three years ago, Aniya had little ambition for a career, spending most of her days on social media or just “hanging out.” But after learning about PVJOBS, she soon enrolled in the organization’s Hatch Young Adults 2.0 program to learn how to begin a new career path. Inspired by the job program’s uplifting energy and supportive environment, she has decided to remain connected to PVJOBS after completing the Hatch course.

Aniya eventually enrolled in PVJOBS’ Hospitality 101 course to learn the skills needed to succeed in the retail and customer service fields. She also became involved in the weekly filming of PVJOBS’ Reentry Network Podcast to gain exposure to the podcast field. After attending a PVJOBS podcast training in Atlanta, she discovered that she wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial career in film work or photography within the podcast industry.

“PVJOBS has impacted my life in a positive way,” said Aniya. “I want to see what the world has to offer me.”

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