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Podcaster Hopefuls Train in Atlanta

February 2023

Podcaster Hopefuls Train in Atlanta

As part of its podcast pathway program, PVJOBS partnered with David Shands – host of one of the top five entrepreneurship podcasts in the nation, the Social Proof podcast – to conduct an industry skills training session for participants who took the course last month in Atlanta. PVJOBS introduced the podcast pathway program in 2022 to provide industry training to the growing population of youth interested in pursuing a social media career.

During the training, Shands taught participants about the importance of learning interviewing skills, utilizing social media platforms and practicing consistent networking while working as a podcaster. He also taught participants how to conduct a captivating interview before placing them into groups to practice mock interviews. In addition, Shands led participants on a tour of his studio to give them a view of the podcast studio environment.

Popular journalist, influencer, entrepreneur and host of The Jay Hill Podcast, Jay Hill also served as a special guest at the training and lent his expertise as he provided additional tips on how to become an in-demand podcaster.

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