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PVJOBS Celebrates Black History Month

February 2023

PVJOBS Celebrates Black History Month

The month of February is celebrated as Black History Month to honor the contributions of countless African Americans who have helped shape this nation. Throughout their journey in this country, these Black men and women experienced seemingly insurmountable triumphs and struggles in their quest to make an enduring difference in this world.

In recognition of Black History Month, PVJOBS remains committed to making a difference in underserved communities by providing transformative job training and placement programs for at-risk individuals, including Black youth and adults. PVJOBS helps these individuals turn around the lives by training and placing them in career paths that will enable them to lead economically self-sufficient lives.

Through their rehabilitative work, PVJOBS continues to practice their mission of helping individuals – regardless of their race, ethnicity and gender – to change their lives through the power of work.

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