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Clippers Tickets Awarded to Deserving Participants

March 2023

Clippers Tickets Awarded to Deserving Participants

PVJOBS recently renewed its Clippers season tickets to continue awarding free tickets to deserving PVJOBS participants. The tickets are offered to PVJOBS participants who demonstrate above-and-beyond performance in their programs. PVJOBS mentors, who are assigned to work one-on-one with the participants, escort the awarded individuals to the games.

The tickets are specifically given to participants who have experienced achievements through PVJOBS’ Nine Networks system. PVJOBS utilizes this system as a tool to identify and assess a participant’s strengths and needs throughout the duration of their program enrollment.

“It can be a challenge to develop activities that are engaging for our program participants, so offering them Clippers tickets has become a popular and effective way for mentors to bond with their mentees while taking part in an easily coordinated and entertaining activity,” said PVJOBS Executive Director Mary Taylor. “Since many of our young participants are already interested in sports, especially basketball, they really enjoy attending these games for free. It encourages them to get more involved with their programming activities, and it also strengthens their bond with their mentors through a positive shared experience.”

Eight mentors are currently participating in the Clippers ticket giveaway initiative, seven of whom are journeymen with Southwest Carpenters Local 213 and employees of Martin Bros. Construction. One mentor is a director with the Union Pacific Railroad Company.

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